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Classic Wallabies Indigenous Exchange – United Kingdom

Over the last three years, the CWIE has successfully mobilised 24 young Indigenous Australians to South Africa with the vision of providing overseas volunteering and academic opportunities for an additional 12 in 2017. The 2016 UK Exchange will be the inaugural version of this exchange and provides a pathway into post graduate study. The UK Exchange is targeting a more mature age demographic.

The Exchange

The CWIE UK exchange will support two students to complete their MBA with Edinburgh Business School and also spend approximately 10 days in Edinburgh in order to attend a 4 day intensive Economics seminar (their first subject) as well as to meet faculty and other supporters of the program and the chance to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Edinburgh.

As part of the opportunity the participants will also have the opportunity to be mentored by some of the Classic Wallabies through the program.

The Application and Selection Process

A thorough application and selection process was undertaken in order to select the participants. Each applicant was asked to provide the following:

Suitable applicants were then shortlisted, interviewed and selected by the Selection Committee which was formed from the Advisory Board of the Classic Wallabies Indigenous Exchange comprising Malcolm Kinns (as the representative from EBS), Gary Ella (as a former Wallaby and active Indigenous community leader) and Mark Moore (a leader in the QLD aboriginal community). 

2016 CWIE UK Leaders

Kevin Taylor, Health and Hygiene Advisor, Rio Tinto
Steve Cochrane, Aboriginal Programs and Aboriginal Community Stakeholder Manager, New South Wales Government

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